In a business environment rapidly changing in values, where success is regarded as a result of striving for more power and profit, we would like to set in building our work on a solid foundation. Moon Machinery wants to put moral values forward to form an ethical and sound values framework. Moon Industrial Machinery is a one stop shop for woodworking machinery and metal working machinery. To define and maintain that frame work, we have five rules in our constitution;

Manufacturers always knew that working with a local sales office for the industrial machinery with local technical support and spare parts was extremely important to keep the production running smoothly. However, it had never been more challenging and it wasn’t more difficult to maintain the integrity of the production than it is nowadays.

We as Moon Machinery are dedicated to provide metal working machinery and wood working machinery for the metal and wood working manufacturers together with quick, reliable and responsive sales and after sales service.

Moon Machinery are dedicated to providing best sales and after sales service to our customers in Canada.

Moon Machinery work with well established wood and metal working machine manufacturers to ensure long term relationships with our customers.



We always keep in mind all of our values.
We are aware that quality is only possible if it is constant.


We only sell and service the machine suppliers we trusted.
We keep striving for knowledge to increase quality.


We always stand up against wrong doing.
It is our priority to tell the truth without exception.


We are faithful to our suppliers and customers.
Our colleagues are always supported.

Customer Happiness

We give close attention to our customers in any situation.
Customers are always right.